Teacher goes viral for sharing her 3rd graders’ hilarious ‘tattle form’ responses: ‘Making fart noises’

An elementary school teacher who shares her young students’ daily grievances is going viral after compiling the hilarious tales that land in her “Tattle Box” each day. “Kids are going … Read More

Putin plans for ‘more war’ in Ukraine as NATO’s defense pledge goes unfulfilled: Stoltenberg

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday said the alliance needs to buckle down for a prolonged war in Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing no signs of edging … Read More

Russia’s Medvedev goes on tirade against International Criminal Court, threatens The Hague with missile strike

Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, suggested on Monday that the Kremlin could fire a hypersonic missile at the International Criminal Court (ICC) after the organization issued … Read More

Nicole Kidman goes braless at pre-Oscars party, Kevin Bacon has a date night with Kyra Sedgwick

The night before the Academy Awards is a celebration within itself, with heaps of stars showing up to some of Hollywood’s most glamorous Pre-Oscar parties. Previous Oscar winners including Nicole … Read More

Jeffree Star goes viral after calling out ‘they’ and ‘them’ pronoun ‘bulls—’ on Valentine’s Day podcast

Makeup brand CEO and social media influencer Jeffree Star lit up the internet after he slammed “they” and “them” pronouns culture during an interview that premiered on Valentine’s Day.  “You’re … Read More

Medical experts demonstrate life-saving techniques when someone goes into cardiac arrest

Medical experts demonstrate life-saving techniques when someone goes into cardiac arrest – CBS News Watch CBS News CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and critical care specialist at … Read More

LeBron James goes berserk after missed foul call, Patrick Beverley gets technical foul for showing ref camera

LeBron James was furious with NBA officials on Saturday night and Patrick Beverley received an untimely technical foul for sarcastically trying to show a referee they missed a call in … Read More

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