GREG GUTFELD: Any video that didn’t fit the committee’s narrative was ditched like one of Biden’s grandkids

Happy Monday. Control yourself – put your pants back on! So let’s talk about January 6th. I know, I know. But was it really, as our mainstream media contends, 9/11 … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: Disastrous opening for ‘The Marvels’ is a message to Hollywood that ‘ultra-woke’ doesn’t sell

Happy Monday, everybody. So there’s a new Marvel movie out, and apparently it sucks. I haven’t seen it yet because, as you know, I have better things to do. VIDEO … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: House of Representatives censures Rashida Tlaib in a bipartisan vote, ‘we’ll take it’

Sit down, Sit down. Sit down. Happy Wednesday, everyone. So if you were going about your business yesterday and suddenly felt the Earth shudder on its axis, it’s not because … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: Thanks to the oppressed mindset, we aren’t capable of understanding what Israel is fighting for

So, imagine you’re on a subway and some wild man strikes your wife in the face. Before you can react, a bunch of activists jumps between you and the attacker … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: You know we got problems when the Ayatollah, our politicians and academia all sound alike

We’re back. I hope. So here we are in America. Where just days ago, the streets were filled with gleeful extremists who somehow aren’t considered “extremist” by our own government … Read More

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott accuses Biden administration of cutting razor wire at border: ‘Opening the floodgates’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott accused the Biden administration of recently cutting razor wire that the Lone Star State had installed in Eagle Pass. The comments were made as Texas officials … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: How many ‘wokesters’ have refused good advice because the experts had the wrong politics?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. What a mildly attractive group. So, he thought his doctor was a jerk until his heart no longer worked. Comedian and actor Bob Odenkirk has been kicking … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: The media act like this was the worst thing to happen in a theater since Lincoln’s assassination

Happy Monday, everybody, from scenic New York. Now’s the time of year where leaves start to fall on the homeless people. And along with the smells of skunk, weed and … Read More

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