‘Essential’ regimen can ‘minimise the risk of hair loss’ – it’s ‘crucial’ for hair health

Losing your hair can badly affect your confidence and can be difficult to live with day-to-day. Now, an expert has exclusively told Express.co.uk how to “minimise the risk of hair … Read More

Shampoo ingredients to ‘avoid’ if you have dry hair – can ‘strip hair of natural moisture’

Most shampoo formulas contain around 10 to 30 different ingredients, however, some of them are not suitable for dry hair. Two experts have exclusively told Express.co.uk which shampoo ingredients to … Read More

Best product to give grey hair ‘protection, shine and smoothness’ and avoid ‘breakage’

During the ageing process, the cells in hair follicles that produce melanin gradually reduce, causing new hair strands to grow in un-pigmented, or white. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, a hair … Read More

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