African health officials say countries with cholera outbreaks have no ‘immediate access’ to vaccines

Africa’s public health agency says countries with deadly cholera outbreaks on the continent have no “immediate access” to vaccines amid a global supply shortage. The acting director of the Africa … Read More

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s state budget proposal advocates child tax deduction, investing in mental health

The wellness and opportunities of Ohio’s children drive a state budget proposal that includes offering a $ 2,500 child tax deduction, expanding school vouchers, investing in mental health and spending … Read More

‘Risk of future deaths’: coroner issues rare warning to health secretary over hospitals crisis

Inquest into case of a 61-year-old Norfolk woman left in an ambulance queue triggers challenge to Steve Barclay A coroner has urged the health secretary to take action to prevent … Read More

Body positivity movement rejected by health influencer on weight loss journey: ‘morbid obesity is not healthy’

The body positivity movement — while rooted in good intentions — has spiraled out of control and promotes lifestyles that are not physically or mentally healthy, a man in the … Read More

Massachusetts health officials detect gonorrhea strain with ‘reduced response’ to antibiotics

Health officials in Massachusetts say that they have detected a strain of gonorrhea in two individuals that has shown a reduced response to multiple antibiotics. The Massachusetts Department of Public … Read More

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