China hosts major meeting with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian diplomats to discuss Israel-Hamas war

China is flexing its diplomatic muscle with a major meeting in Beijing on Monday, welcoming foreign ministers from the Middle East in an attempt to exert its influence over the … Read More

ABC News hosts startled by Trump’s chances of victory after brutal Biden poll: ‘This is frightening’

ABC hosts George Stephanopoulos and Jonathan Karl appeared shocked by the results of a new poll that showed President Biden was trailing Donald Trump in several key states and said … Read More

BBC Breakfast hosts distracted by Matt Taylor error as he’s branded ‘too eager’ for camera

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Matt Taylor distracted hosts Sally Nugent, Ben Thompson and sports reporter John Watson by accidentally moving into the background of the show’s live shot ahead of … Read More

Bill Maher knocks Colbert, other late-night hosts for pandering to liberal fans: ‘Those guys don’t have takes’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher took a swipe at Stephen Colbert and his other late-night colleagues for their constant pandering to liberal audiences, insisting they don’t actually have their own … Read More

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