Bills’ Dion Dawkins hopes Damar Hamlin’s tragic incident shows NFL fans ‘we are vulnerable humans’

Buffalo Bills tackle Dion Dawkins shared a powerful message as he and his teammates continue to pray for safety Damar Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday night during … Read More

Calls for humans to stop having children, go extinct grow in media circles: ‘To breed or not to breed?’

Several media outlets and talking heads have encouraged parents to rethink having children because human beings — even small ones like kids — risk polluting the world and causing global … Read More

Dr. Phil guests spar over humans being microchipped: ‘Implanting computers into humans is dangerous’

Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil featured two guests sparring over a debate surrounding whether humans should be implanting microchips in their body.  “Surgically implanting computers into humans is dangerous. Just … Read More

Octopuses may be terrifically smart because of this genetic quirk they share with humans

Octopuses may have gained some of their exceptional intelligence from the same evolutionary process that humans went through, a new study suggests.  The process involved a sudden explosion of microRNAs … Read More

37,000-year-old mammoth butchering site may be oldest evidence of humans in North America

An artist’s interpretation of an early human hunting a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) A 37,000-year-old mammoth butchering site, uncovered in New Mexico, might … Read More

There’s a Lyme disease vaccine for dogs but not humans. Pfizer and a French firm hope to change that.

Duncansville, Pa. — Researchers are seeking thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe to test the first potential vaccine against Lyme disease in 20 years — in hopes of … Read More

Humans have officially made migratory monarch butterflies an endangered species and put them on “the edge of collapse”

Migratory monarch butterflies, known for their bright orange and spotted wings spectacularly filling the sky on a nearly 2,500-mile journey every year, are now “closer to the brink” of extinction. … Read More

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