The Impossible Planet: NASA finds world that ‘shouldn’t be there’ around giant star

According to the space agency, the discovery “shows that planet formation – and destruction – are likely far more intricate and unpredictable than many scientists might have thought”. Daily Express … Read More

Why Joe Biden’s plan to ‘watermark’ AI-generated content may be next to impossible

After a meeting with executives from key AI technology firms, including Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI, President Biden announced that the companies had agreed to four commitments. These range from best practices, such … Read More

‘Impossible to remove’ toilet seat stains ‘disappear’ fast with ‘life-changing’ £1 item

It’s never a pretty sight when walking into the bathroom and seeing yellow stains on the toilet seat. While there are many potential causes for these unsightly blemishes, they can … Read More

Tom Cruise gave ‘Mission: Impossible’ co-stars skydiving lessons, shark diving trips and coconut cake

Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning” co-stars have revealed the “thoughtful” gifts the 61-year-old star gave them during filming, and they are fitting of an action hero.  “He’s always … Read More

Tom Cruise wants ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies to keep going until he’s 80, follow in Harrison Ford’s footsteps

Tom Cruise has high hopes for his future. The “Top Gun: Maverick” star revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald at the Australian premiere for the upcoming “Mission: Impossible – Dead … Read More

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