Building boss wears evening gown made from high-visibility vests to top industry awards: ‘Amazing’ response

A woman who owns a construction recruitment company made an unorthodox — but on-theme — fashion choice when she wore an evening gown made from high-visibility vests to an industry … Read More

Beer industry expert: Bud Light’s decline looks ‘quasi-permanent,’ ‘those consumers are just lost forever’

Damage to Bud Light appears “quasi-permanent” and longtime consumers could be “lost forever” after the brand failed to rebound from ongoing backlash as initially expected in recent weeks, according to … Read More

Experts fear American fishing industry, boating at risk as Biden prioritizes climate, green energy

The Biden administration has prioritized green energy at the expense of endangered whales and the U.S. fishing industry with regulation that limits both commercial fishing and recreational boating, according to … Read More

Australia’s wine industry grapples with oversupply issues amidst Chinese tariffs and pandemic disruptions

Australia’s wine industry faces severe oversupply problems that will need years to resolve, experts say, pointing to Chinese tariffs, high production and export bottlenecks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vineyards nationwide … Read More

Aspartame defended by industry experts after cancer risk warning: ‘Limited evidence’

The World Health Organization (WHO) released its official statement this week on the potential health risks of aspartame, with a committee classifying the non-sugar, low-calorie sweetener as “possibly carcinogenic to … Read More

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