‘Tried and tested’ household item is the ‘best way’ to clean shower screens ‘effectively’

Shower doors, screens, and enclosures are vital for protecting bathrooms from water damage. However, after regular use, it can build up with stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. One … Read More

Dishwasher tablets make washing machines ‘smell terrible’ – use ‘better’ £1 item instead

Washing machines can smell awful from time to time, and quite often they make clothes smell awful too. While many cleaning enthusiasts have been suggesting using a dishwasher tablet, some … Read More

‘Amazing’ 13p kitchen scrap item to turn ‘faded’ blue hydrangeas a ‘vibrant’ pink shade

Hydrangeas come in beautiful shades of white, blue, and pink. But, unlike other flowering shrubs, hydrangeas have the unusual ability to change their flower colour. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

40p item gardeners ‘swears by’ to bring ‘droopy’ peace lilies ‘back to life’ and ‘flower’

Peace lilies are relatively known for their ease of care, but occasionally one of the most common problems that arise is that the indoor plant starts to droop. Luckily houseplant … Read More

‘Impossible to remove’ toilet seat stains ‘disappear’ fast with ‘life-changing’ £1 item

It’s never a pretty sight when walking into the bathroom and seeing yellow stains on the toilet seat. While there are many potential causes for these unsightly blemishes, they can … Read More

Cleaning fan ‘swears by’ £1 item to remove ‘revolting’ toilet limescale better than bleach

Toilet bowls covered in limescale can seem nearly impossible to remove, and over time they can grow darker and more noticeable. To keep bowls sparkling and pristine, one cleaning fan … Read More

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