Disney can imagine a magic kingdom but can’t figure out innovative hybrid and remote work

Disney, Apple, Google, and other companies mandating that employees work in the office for most or all of their time claim that any time spent working remotely stifles innovation. According … Read More

United Kingdom teachers want to re-educate teenage students “brainwashed” by controversial influencer : report

Teachers in the United Kingdom are reportedly struggling with the impact controversial influencer Andrew Tate has on teenage students’ thoughts, calling them “brainwashed,” according to a report by The Sunday … Read More

American woman released from Saudi Arabian jail after two-day detention over tweets critical of the kingdom

Saudi authorities released an American woman they held in custody since Monday in relation to a long-running custody dispute involving her daughter and ex-husband.  “US citizen Carly Morris has been … Read More

United Kingdom announces they are sending help to Turks and Caicos to combat spike in gang violence

The United Kingdom announced Tuesday that it has deployed a ship and specialized police to the Turks and Caicos Islands to fight a spike in violence. Two dozen specialists who … Read More

The Last Kingdom star recalls ‘painful’ scene with Stiorra actress Ruby Hartley ‘It hurt!’

THE LAST KINGDOM star Micki Stoltt has recalled some particularly uncomfortable moments with his co-star Ruby Hartley during a violent scene between Rognvaldr and Stiorra in the final season. Daily … Read More

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