B12 deficiency: Pain in one body part ‘at rest’ may signal ‘significantly’ low B12 levels

VITAMIN B12 conducts several biological processes involved in the maintenance of the nervous and neurological systems. When levels fall too low, complications are bound to arise. These may include pain … Read More

High cholesterol: Smell that? Two ‘worse’ smells that signal ‘higher’ cholesterol levels

HIGH cholesterol is insidious because it doesn’t usually present symptoms. However, studies provide evidence to the contrary. In one study, two “worse” smell dysfunctions were associated with “higher” cholesterol levels. … Read More

High cholesterol: Can you smell that? Three smelly symptoms associated with high levels

HIGH cholesterol is often dubbed the “invisible killer” owing to its absence of symptoms. However, unsettling bodily changes have been associated with high cholesterol levels. Research suggests smelling three distinct … Read More

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