Hero dogs: Israel’s canine unit saved lives by spotting Hamas terror traps, saving civilians near Gaza Strip

Israel’s specialized canine unit, Oketz, performed the key task of saving the lives of civilians and soldiers by alerting them to potential dangers, including explosives and weapon caches, even at … Read More

Video shows horrifying moments cruise ship passengers ‘feared for their lives’: ‘Tables were flying’

Around 100 people were injured Saturday when a cruise ship off the coast of the United Kingdom entered rough seas Saga Cruises’ Spirit of Discovery ship encountered treacherous conditions Saturday … Read More

Black Lives Matter activist sentenced for fundraiser fraud; took thousands for expensive lifestyle: report

A Black Lives Matter activist has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after she was found guilty of funneling tens of thousands in fundraising donations from her organization into … Read More

Bibby Stockholm: ministers accused of playing Russian roulette with asylum seekers’ lives

Charity condemns plan to return people to the barge despite inspection finding failings in its plumbing system Ministers have been accused of playing Russian roulette with asylum seekers’ lives after … Read More

Biden’s ‘ridiculous’ plan to sell unused border wall costs money, lives as drugs pour in: border town official

A major border town official said it’s “ridiculous” the Biden administration is selling off materials purchased for President Trump’s border wall, both wasting money and letting drugs flow into the … Read More

Novel cancer treatment offers new hope when chemo and radiation fail: ‘Big change in people’s lives’

When it comes to cancer treatments, most people are familiar with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Yet there is another emerging, lesser-known therapy that is showing promising results in treating blood … Read More

Oregon sheriff warns of fake $100 bills tossed over Multnomah Falls after hikers reportedly risk their lives

An Oregon sheriff is warning of fake $ 100 bills that were thrown over Multnomah Falls and led some curious hikers to risk their lives by going to dangerous areas … Read More

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