Angry Ian Blackford loses it in fiery Brexit rant in Commons over ‘missing £655bn’ from EU

SNP political heavyweight Ian Blackford has gone on a Brexit-bashing rant in the Commons moaning about a missing £655billion in EU funding. The 62-year-old MP went on the warpath during … Read More

Bye-bye, pandas: Amid curdling U.S.-China relations, zoo loses beloved beasts after 51 years

Bye-bye, pandas: Amid curdling U.S.-China relations, the zoo in the U.S. capital has lost its beloved beasts after 51 years. They have been a symbolic barometer of U.S.-China ties. They’re … Read More

Diane Abbott loses plot over Lee Anderson’s ‘f*** off back to France’ illegal migrant dig

Lee Anderson’s suggestion to illegal migrants who object to living on the Bibby Stockholm barge that they should “f*** off back to France” caused a meltdown among leftwingers like Diane … Read More

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