Teacher goes viral for sharing her 3rd graders’ hilarious ‘tattle form’ responses: ‘Making fart noises’

An elementary school teacher who shares her young students’ daily grievances is going viral after compiling the hilarious tales that land in her “Tattle Box” each day. “Kids are going … Read More

US tourists slam Kensington Palace: ‘It’s a rip off’ that is ‘making money off Diana’

American tourists have left some funny one-star reviews of Kensington Palace, and their complaints range from bad lighting to believing their garden shed is more impressive than the royal residence. … Read More

Meghan Markle ‘hated being a second-rate princess’ before making her royal exit, palace staffer claims

Meghan Markle allegedly “hated being a second-rate princess” before she made her royal exit with Prince Harry. The claim was made by a Kensington Palace staffer “who remembered Meghan well” … Read More

Boston sports radio host apologizes after making ‘ignorant’ comments on air: ‘I wish I could take them back’

Boston radio host Tony Massarotti issued an apology on Monday after making what he called “insensitive” and “hurtful” comments when referring to two Black people during Friday’s “Felger & Mazz … Read More

U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick

London — From baguettes to focaccia, Europe is famous for its bread. But there’s one ingredient conspicuously missing: Potassium bromate. It’s a suspected carcinogen that’s banned for human consumption in Europe, … Read More

DeSantis’ office calls out local reporter caught on hot mic saying her job is making governor ‘uncomfortable’

A local reporter in Florida was caught on a hot mic saying her job is to make Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “uncomfortable.” During a livestream of an event attended by … Read More

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