‘Silent pandemic’ warning from WHO: Bacteria killing too many people due to antimicrobial resistance

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of a “silent pandemic” of antimicrobial resistance from infections caused by deadly pathogens that doctors are not able to cure because of a … Read More

First lady praises Biden’s ‘energy level’: How many 30-year-olds can fly to Poland, hop on train to Ukraine?

First lady Jill Biden hyped the “energy level” of her 80-year-old husband, who has yet to announce whether he has decided to seek reelection in 2024.  President Biden, who would … Read More

Tampa is birthplace of the Cuban sandwich, American culinary classic flavored by many cultures

The beloved Cuban sandwich is a delicious all-American culinary creation first served in Tampa, Florida, more than a century ago, according to proud local lore. It’s a savory, mouthwatering mix … Read More

Erin Brockovich calls for more answers after Ohio train derailment: “So many unanswered questions”

Erin Brockovich, a well-known environmental advocate, is adding her voice to the growing chorus of those calling for answers after a Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ohio earlier in February.  … Read More

Post-COVID, many parents are giving kids fever-reducing medicine when it’s not necessary: study

Parents might want to think twice before reaching for aspirin or ibuprofen to bring down a child’s fever. One in three parents give their kids fever-reducing medicine when it’s not … Read More

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