Massive, 1.2 million-year-old tool workshop in Ethiopia made by ‘clever’ group of unknown human relatives

More than 1.2 million years ago, an unknown group of human relatives may have created sharp hand axes from volcanic glass in a “stone-tool workshop” in what is now Ethiopia, … Read More

Pea-sized Australian radioactive capsule falls off truck, is found 6 days later after massive hunt

A radioactive capsule has been found in the Australian outback after more than a week of searching along a 870-mile stretch, authorities said Wednesday.  Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said the … Read More

Cardinals’ vet takes aim at Kyler Murray work ethic following massive contract extension: report

A brutal offseason for the Arizona Cardinals has taken another turn for the worse after one teammate slammed Kyler Murray’s work ethic, claiming the quarterback did not feel inclined to … Read More

Massive waves bombard Drake Passage cruise ships in viral videos. What to know about Antarctica cruises

Several harrowing videos of heavy waves battering cruise ships in the Drake Passage as passengers look on have gone viral in recent months, serving as a reminder that the high-priced … Read More

Lasers reveal massive, 650-square-mile Maya site hidden beneath Guatemalan rainforest

Geologists in northern Guatemala have discovered a massive Maya site that stretches approximately 650 square miles (1,700 square kilometers) and dates to the Middle and Late Preclassic period (roughly 1000 … Read More

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