‘No streaks are left behind’: Mrs Hinch fans’ ‘old school’ method for cleaning windows

CLEANING enthusiasts have shared a free, “old school” hack for streak-free windows. One Mrs Hinch fan claimed using newspaper means “no streaks are left behind”. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

Homemade method is ‘quicker way’ to rid gardens of weeds – ‘doesn’t leave any residue’

GARDENING experts have shared the “quickest ways” to “effectively” rid gardens of weed without leaving “any residue or harmful effects” behind. They claimed that “homemade herbicides” are the way to … Read More

‘Makes them white’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘dishwasher’ method to remove stains from pillows

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‘Works in seconds’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘cheap’ method to ‘dissolve’ stubborn limescale

CLEANING enthusiasts have taken to social media to share their top tips for getting rid of limescale. One Mrs Hinch fan shared a “cheap” product which “works in seconds”. Daily … Read More

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