4 mistakes peace lily owners make which could ‘kill’ houseplant – avoid ‘lethal infection’

Peace lilies are popular low maintenance houseplants with glossy green leaves and white flowers, known as spathes. To help owners keep their peace lily thriving this summer, a gardening expert … Read More

5 ‘damaging’ mistakes to ‘avoid’ when washing bed sheets that does ‘more harm than good’

Washing bed sheets is not one of the most enjoyable chores, however, it needs to be done correctly to avoid causing “damage”. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, one expert has shared … Read More

‘Biggest mistakes’ to avoid when washing your pillows to prevent ‘damage’ and ‘shrinkage’

From saliva stains to sweat, pillows can accumulate a lot of germs and therefore need to be washed regularly. However, when speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, one expert shared that there … Read More

‘Common mistakes’ to avoid when cleaning windows – how to achieve ‘streak-free’ results

Spring is the best season to clean windows, just before the summer season starts. A cleaning expert has shared top tips on achieving “streak-free “results. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

Interior ‘mistakes’ preventing you from sleeping – avoid ‘vibrant colours’ in the bedroom

Experts have shared five interior mistakes to avoid making when it comes to designing a bedroom. According to the pros, these “mistakes” could prevent you from getting a good night’s … Read More

Garden mistakes to avoid that can ‘devalue’ your property – ‘instant turn-off to a buyer’

Most properties are sold during the spring and summer, which means households can make their home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. However, they shouldn’t forget that garden … Read More

Five ‘cleaning mistakes’ to avoid ‘causing damage to your home’ – ‘more harm than good’

It can be easy to slip into the routine of using the same cleaning techniques when cleaning the home. However, according to experts, some “common” methods could actually be “doing … Read More

How to care for a peace lily houseplant – avoid ‘common’ mistakes to encourage a rebloom

Peace lilies are gorgeous houseplants which are relatively low maintenance to care for. However, there are certain mistakes Britons should avoid making in order to keep the plant thriving. Daily … Read More

Prince William is a ‘Rubik’s cube’ husband – claims he’s learnt from ‘mistakes of history’

A body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about what kind of husband Prince William is. She suggested the Prince has a “Rubik’s cube” approach. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

4 major mistakes the experts made about COVID despite saying they would ‘follow the science’

“Follow the science” became the mantra of pundits, politicians, and major news outlets during the COVID pandemic, with countless prominent voices advising the American people to trust the guidance of … Read More

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