Piers Morgan mocks Biden’s flailing presidency: Prince William is coming to NYC, ‘it’s not too late’

British journalist Piers Morgan commented on President Biden’s plunging popularity and intensifying scandals, quipping that the heir to the U.K. throne is flying to the United States next week and … Read More

‘Who wudda thunk it?’ Andrew Neil mocks Brexit doom-mongers as UK outperforms ‘EU giants’

Miserable UK doommongers who claim that the UK has been the worst-performing economy since the pandemic have been slammed after new figures revealed the country is outperforming Europe’s economic powerhouses. … Read More

Cardinals social media mocks Russell Wilson’s airplane workout after preseason win; post later deleted

Exhibition games are largely used to help NFL teams evaluate their rosters and get starters a few reps before the regular season gets underway in September. The Arizona Cardinals appeared … Read More

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