Fashion expert shares the Kate style staple Camilla wouldn’t wear – she is ‘more modest’

A fashion expert spoke exclusively to about the difference between Camilla and Kate’s personal style. There’s one item Kate loves that Camilla would not wear, they claimed. Daily Express … Read More

More religious or more democratic? Israel protests become fight for country’s ‘essential character’

The streets of Israel have boiled with anger and frustration for three months. And they continue to seethe even after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paused — just a little … Read More

Officers who took out school shooting suspect identified, Biden’s tone-deaf statement and more top headlines

Good morning and welcome to Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First. Subscribe now to get Fox News First in your email. And here’s what you need to know to start … Read More

China wants Taiwan for more than ‘historical value,’ could disrupt global power dynamic: experts

China has more than just historical claims behind its ambitions to take Taiwan, specifically greater industrial production capabilities available on the island as well as an operational foothold in the … Read More

Eyedrops tainted with drug-resistant bacteria linked to 2 more deaths, additional vision loss cases

U.S. officials are reporting two more deaths and additional cases of vision loss linked to eyedrops tainted with a drug-resistant bacteria. The eyedrops from EzriCare and Delsam Phama were recalled … Read More

Black children much more likely to be strip-searched in England and Wales than white peers

Report says black children six times over-represented in strip-searches by police between 2018 and 2022 An official report accuses police of abusing their power to strip-search children, with black children … Read More

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