Russian woman convicted and sentenced after leaving derogatory note on Putin’s parents’ graves

A woman was convicted in a Russian court on Thursday of desecrating the grave of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s parents with a derogatory note. Irina Tsybaneva, a 60-year-old retiree from … Read More

Arizona woman finds heartwarming note tucked inside $2 book at Goodwill — now, she’s searching for its owner

The search is on for the intended recipient — or the author — of a heartfelt note that was found inside a book at an Arizona Goodwill, which has become … Read More

Aubrey Plaza shares why she stole a note from Biden’s desk during ‘Parks and Recreation’ shoot

“Parks and Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza said she had a bone to pick with President Biden, detailing the rocky relationship the two have shared over several years. The 38-year-old Delawarean … Read More

Gamer site features note ‘concerning JK Rowling’ in Hogwarts Legacy review on ‘whether it’s ethical to play’

IGN reviewer Travis Northup suggested that it could be unethical to play the latest “Hogwarts Legacy” action role-playing game because of J.K. Rowling in his Monday review. The website released … Read More

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