Ivan Provorov jerseys selling out online after media condemned him for not wearing Pride-themed jersey

Americans have rallied around Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov after he personally abstained from Pride festivities before a hockey game. Provorov refused to participate in pregame warmups where players wore … Read More

‘Tiger King’ star’s interview about legally dead husband sparks debate online: ‘Currently alive and well’

Carole Baskin, who starred in the hit Netflix series “Tiger King,” ignited a social media firestorm after comments she made about her ex-husband, Don Lewis, resurfaced online.  An interview that … Read More

Newspaper headlines: ‘Pupils face online lessons’ and ‘fury’ over police powers to halt protests

Papers cover pupils facing online lessons if teachers strike and new police powers to halt protests. Source link The post Newspaper headlines: ‘Pupils face online lessons’ and ‘fury’ over police … Read More

Coco Austin braves online parenting police again with new video of 7-year-old daughter twerking

Ice-T and Coco Austin received more criticism from the parenting police following a family video shared on her TikTok account which showed their seven-year-old daughter Chanel twerking. “Gotta love family … Read More

Young man’s death leads to questions about an Adderall prescription obtained online

Elijah Hanson struggled with his mental health for years. The 21-year-old from Tacoma, Washington, had been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and was receiving treatment from a local behavioral health … Read More

Idaho murders: Rumors about students’ stabbing deaths swirl online. Here’s what investigators have said so far.

The brutal murders of four University of Idaho students in their home last month have been shrouded in mystery. Weeks after the Nov. 13 killings, police have yet to identify … Read More

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