Big Tech has censored 2024 presidential candidates 169 times, with Biden accounting for only seven: study

President Biden’s political opponents have been censored by Big Tech “a whopping 162 times combined,” according to the Media Research Center.  Media Research Center’s researchers Heather Moon and Gabriela … Read More

Sleep deprivation could relieve depression but only temporarily, says study, as doctors share warnings

Pulling an all-nighter might leave you exhausted — but it could also be a temporary mood-booster. Researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois studied the effects of sleep deprivation in mice … Read More

Cleaner shares ‘only product’ to banish toilet limescale overnight – works ‘brilliantly’

Removing limescale from a toilet can seem impossible, especially when nothing is shifting. To help, Mrs Hinch fans have taken to social media to share “the only product” to shift … Read More

Rashida Tlaib, only Palestinian-American member of Congress, censured for controversial war statements

The U.S. House voted late Tuesday to censure member Rashida Tlaib, Congress’s lone Palestinian-American lawmaker, for comments she made regarding Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza, with 22 of her … Read More

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