Breast cancer patients who respond well to pre-surgical treatment may be able to skip surgery: study

Patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer who had a good response to targeted cancer treatment prior to surgery — otherwise known as adjuvant therapy — may be able to skip surgery … Read More

DNA-damaging gut bacteria may fuel colon cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Scientists have discovered DNA-damaging molecules made by gut bacteria that may help explain why people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have higher rates of colorectal cancer than those without the … Read More

“It’s going to be a rough winter”: Hospitals overwhelmed by pediatric patients with respiratory virus

Hospitals in 33 states are seeing a dramatic rise in children suffering from the respiratory virus called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Cases have more than doubled in 25 states, putting a … Read More

WaPo article warns ‘growing influence’ of Catholic hospitals will impose ‘religious doctrine’ on patients

A health report in The Washington Post claimed that Catholic hospitals are gaining more influence in the medical industry and will soon be forcing a majority of Americans to be … Read More

Alzheimer’s patients in experimental trial ‘sustained’ cognitive improvement for 12 months

In Alzheimer’s disease, the tau proteins become damaged, clumping together, which is then “toxic” to brain cells, causing them to die. As brain cells die, and messages are unable to … Read More

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