Protesters target AIPAC president’s home with ‘baby killer’ accusations, red paint

Pro-Palestine protesters demonstrated outside the home of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee president, lighting smoke bombs and accusing him of killing babies.  Demonstrators held the protest at AIPAC President … Read More

Israeli university presidents call on colleagues to not fall victim to Hamas’ ‘destructive propaganda’

Presidents from nine universities in Israel signed and sent a letter to their international colleagues on Wednesday to express their “deep concern” over narratives from some academic institutions that “misrepresent” … Read More

In Niger, lawyers call for deposed president’s release after junta claims it thwarted house arrest escape

Lawyers for Niger’s ousted president called for his immediate release Friday, a day after the ruling military junta said it had thwarted an overnight attempt by the president to escape … Read More

Israel’s ambassador to UN detained after leaving General Assembly to protest Iranian president’s speech

UN security personnel on Tuesday detained Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations shortly after he left the General Assembly Hall to protest a speech by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.  It … Read More

Escalating tensions in Niger: ECOWAS deployment amidst threats to ousted president’s life

Tensions are escalating between Niger’s new military regime and the West African regional bloc that has ordered the deployment of troops to restore Niger’s flailing democracy. The ECOWAS bloc said … Read More

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