Never-before-seen ‘crystal-like matter’ hidden in a chunk of fossilized lightning is probably a brand new mineral

A close-up of the fossilized lightning, or fulgurite, that contained the potential new mineral. (Image credit: Bindi et al. 2023, (CC BY 4.0)) A potentially brand new mineral may have … Read More

Extinct ‘Lord of The Rings’ eagles had a 10-foot wingspan and probably could have carried a hobbit

The newfound species of extinct eagle was more than twice as big as the living wedge-tailed eagle  (Aquila audax), which lived alongside the ancient bird in Australia. (Image credit: Shutterstock) … Read More

Renowned astronomer who discovered Saturn’s largest moon was probably nearsighted, his telescopes show

A collection of lenses made by Christiaan Huygens with the astronomer’s portrait in the background. (Image credit: Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden) The renowned Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens was probably nearsighted, a … Read More

Taylor Heinicke wants to start but admits NFL backup QB is ‘probably one of the best jobs in America’

Taylor Heinicke is set to become a free agent in March after three seasons with the Washington Commanders.  As he searches for the right situation, Heinicke joined “The Pat McAfee … Read More

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