Home decor features that ‘decrease’ property value by £14,000 – ‘really costly to replace’

WHILE an on-trend home might seem like a good idea, investing in the latest fads could be “decreasing” the price of your property, experts have claimed. Daily Express :: Life … Read More

Homes Under the Hammer buyer boosts property value by £75k in ‘modern’ but ‘simple’ refurb

A HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER buyer managed to increase a home’s value by a huge £75,000 in a recent episode. The property owner transformed the home with a “modern” refurbishment. … Read More

George Clarke says couple broke ‘main rule’ of property developing leading to slim profit

GEORGE CLARKE claimed a couple broke one of the “cardinal rules” of property developing on the new Channel 4 show, George Clarke’s Flipping Fast. The couple, who were renovating a … Read More

‘I have not missed it’: London couple swap ‘tiny’ home for coastal property and make £200k

A FORMER London couple swapped their “tiny” one-and-a-half bedroom flat in the capital for a three-bedroom property located just minutes from the beach. The couple explained why they would “absolutely … Read More

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