Russians arrested in thousands while protesting Putin’s mobilization, human rights group says

More than 2,300 Russians have been arrested in dozens of cities this week while protesting the conscription of 300,000 men for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which was announced by Russian … Read More

Putin’s nuclear threats a reckless bid to make the West ‘blink’ with Russia ‘on back foot’

Putin is ‘in charge and he will fight back’ warns Tobias Ellwood Vladimir Putin’s incendiary televised address, during which he hinted at the use of nuclear weapons, was a clear … Read More

Putin’s torture chambers uncovered as Ukraine’s regained territory exposes Russian horrors

Following a sweeping counteroffensive which liberated large areas of northeastern Ukraine, Kyiv’s forces have found evidence of atrocities and war crimes while residents of the occupied areas report that they … Read More

‘Scared s*** and ran’: Putin’s forces realised they had just ‘hours’ to flee Ukraine siege

Vladimir Putin’s forces are dropping their weapons and scrambling to escape as they face a stunning Ukrainian counter-offensive. Victory for Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast seems assured as the country’s armed forces have … Read More

Russia blames US, Ukraine for ‘terrorist attack’ that killed daughter of ‘Putin’s Brain’

Russian media has accused the United States of orchestrating the “attack” that killed the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close ally. “Daria Dugina’s death will likely rally the Russians … Read More

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