Attorney for NYC hospital worker slams media after viral bike dispute: ‘Without question’ she’s been ‘defamed’

The attorney for the New York City nurse at the center of a viral bicycle dispute said his client is “in hiding” because her life and job are being threatened … Read More

ESPN’s Malika Andrews faces social media scorn over pertinent Ja Morant question to Adam Silver

ESPN reporter Malika Andrews was the subject of some social media backlash on Tuesday after she asked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about the Ja Morant gun-flashing video, which led to … Read More

Rishi Sunak ducks question about whether he would let Boris Johnson return to cabinet – UK politics live

Prime minister says ‘the past is the past’ when asked about his role in bringing down predecessor Chris Philp, the policing minister, has published an article in the Telegraph today … Read More

Reporter’s question expected after mention of Lamar Jackson’s name, GM doesn’t rule out drafting a QB

The Baltimore Ravens brass spoke to media members on Wednesday to respond to questions about the upcoming NFL Draft. But, the organization did not seem interested in fielding questions related … Read More

Biden takes heat for joking around in response to question about Nashville school shooting: ‘What a disgrace’

President Biden was called out on Tuesday for making another eyebrow-raising remark about the Nashville school shooting when he joked about the motive of the 28-year-old shooter who murdered three … Read More

Spring break chaos calls into question if college students are the only ones showing up: ‘Anarchy and chaos’

Officials in Miami Beach declared a state of emergency over the weekend and imposed a curfew to control rowdy spring break crowds after two deadly shootings. Law enforcement officials have … Read More

Bill Maher praises Bernie Sanders’ honest answer when stumped on equity-equality question: ‘You’re not alone’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher took a moment Friday night to tip his hat to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who offered a candid response to a question over what the … Read More

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