Menopause weight loss: Reduce cravings by ‘not depriving yourself’ – ‘you’ll be satisfied’

THE MENOPAUSE can bring on unexpected weight gain in some women that can be hard to shift. Excess fat tends to gather around the midsection, which can increase risks of … Read More

‘Always’ follow these three ‘golden rules’ when watering plants – ‘reduce risk of disease’

WATER is crucial to help garden plants thrive, especially during hot weather. However, watering them wrong could prove detrimental to their growth. Gardening experts have urged gardeners to “always” follow … Read More

Dr Mosley: The ‘fundamental’ food that can reduce your heart disease risk – ‘Big benefits’

CONSIDERED a major killer, heart disease is an umbrella term for conditions that affect your heart. While fatty foods could clog up your arteries and lead to the diagnosis, there’s … Read More

Dementia: ‘Moderate’ beer consumption may ‘reduce’ your risk of brain decline, says expert

DEMENTIA cases are climbing at full tilt, highlighting the pressing need to sharpen preventive measures. According to one expert, a specific type of alcohol may help protect the brain against … Read More

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