Putin declares martial law in 4 Ukrainian regions, as fight over key port city looms

Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced martial law in four Ukrainian regions he says are part of Russia, as residents flee the Russian-held city of Kherson, which promises to be a pivotal battleground … Read More

Russian missiles rock Zaporizhizhia as Ukrainian forces advance in ‘annexed’ regions

At least seven Russian missile strikes rocked the city of Zaporizhzhia Thursday, as Moscow looks to gain control over “annexed” regions as Ukrainian forces continue to advance. Residential buildings were … Read More

Putin annexes four regions of Ukraine in major escalation of Russia’s war

Russian president signs ‘accession treaties’ at Kremlin in defiance of international law and US responds with sanctions Russia-Ukraine war: latest updates Vladimir Putin has signed “accession treaties” formalising Russia’s illegal … Read More

Russia pledges ‘full protection’ to Ukraine regions annexed by Moscow in nuclear threat

Russia has sought to defend its seven-month-old war in Ukraine, with Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov telling the United Nations that regions of Ukraine where widely criticized referendums are being … Read More

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