University of Houston Downtown removes faculty pledge on ‘anti-racism’ following ‘compelled speech’ concerns

The University of Houston Downtown (UHD) has removed an anti-racism pledge from its English Department website that critics have claimed is a form of compelled speech. Last month, Campus Reform … Read More

Controversial school board member endorsed curriculum that removes ‘Islamic terror’ from 9/11 history lessons

A Fairfax, Virginia, school board member recommended curriculum materials for teachers to use for their lesson plans which opposed using terms such as “radical Islamic terror,” “Islamic terrorists” and “jihadists” … Read More

‘Fluff up’ hard towels in the washing machine using common £1 staple – ‘removes’ old soap

After washing and drying your towels, you may have noticed them losing their fluffiness and turning hard. The reason towels turn hard after washing is soap residue builds up in … Read More

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