Israel kills Hamas commander in airstrike, vows to ‘reveal evidence’ terror group is exploiting civilians: IDF

Israel’s military successfully attacked a major Hamas stronghold during their second ground offensive in Gaza — used by Hamas operatives, planners and masterminds — and have vowed to “reveal evidence” … Read More

Ancient tomb may have belonged to a courtesan with Alexander the Great’s army, archeologists reveal

Israeli archeologists may have discovered the first-ever tomb of a woman known as a “hetaira” to Alexander the Great’s army in Ancient Greece.  A hetaira, or courtesan, was an “esteemed … Read More

Kenny Chesney, John Rich reveal key to country music’s current domination: It’s ‘real music’

Country music is having a Cinderella moment of sorts with Morgan Wallen, Jason Aldean and even newcomer Oliver Anthony claiming a top spot on the Billboard100 with his viral hit. … Read More

Ukraine counteroffensive doomed to fail as spooks reveal Kyiv won’t achieve key objective

Minefields will repel Ukrainian forces as they attempt to push south towards the city of Melitopol, a tactical transit hub for Russia, according to a bleak US intelligence assessment. Daily … Read More

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