Octavia Spencer says she doesn’t know if ‘The Help’ could be made today: ‘We are scrubbing the history books’

Actress Octavia Spencer said Tuesday that the hit 2011 film “The Help” would be difficult to make in today’s sociopolitical climate, telling celebrity restaurateur Bruce Bozzi while appearing on his … Read More

‘Comes up like new’: ‘Best’ way to clean oven racks without ‘scrubbing – ‘miracle cleaner’

If you use the oven regularly, chances are the oven racks will become dirty too, with baked-on grease and burnt bits of food. To help clean racks without “scrubbing”, cleaning … Read More

‘Never returned!’ ‘Effective’ household staple to ‘kill’ moss on paving without scrubbing

For some, moss is a welcome addition to gardens. It has a unique, old-fashioned charm that can add character to any space. However, moss can also be a nuisance, especially … Read More

‘Amazing!’ ‘No scrubbing’ method to remove ‘caked-on’ mould from washing machine drawers

Ever wondered why your laundry smells a bit strange after a cycle? It turns out your washing machine could have mould in it. Luckily cleaning enthusiasts have shared their top … Read More

‘Brings them up like new!’ ‘Easiest way’ to clean oven racks and trays without ‘scrubbing’

Oven racks can quickly become covered in grease, grime and food debris. Getting them clean and shiny again can be tricky, especially if they’ve remained dirty in the oven for … Read More

‘Brilliant white again!’ Remove mould ‘without scrubbing’ with simple 95p household staple

Discoloured and mouldy tile grout in bathrooms and shower rooms can be unsightly. Mould often develops in areas where there is moisture or high humidity. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

Nine ‘simple and effective’ household goods to clean the home – ‘saves the scrubbing’

With the cost of household goods increasing, an expert has shared nine “inexpensive” alternatives to use around the home. This included using toothpaste, salt and shaving foam to complete chores. … Read More

‘No scrubbing needed!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easiest’ way to ‘properly’ clean oven glass

CLEANING the oven is a laborious task as it can involve hours of scrubbing and still not achieve desired results. Fortunately, Mrs Hinch fans have suggested using Pink Stuff paste … Read More

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