Pence suggests review of how National Guardsman could’ve allegedly accessed high-level US secrets

Moments before officials released the name of the suspect in their probe into top-secret intelligence leaks on an internet gaming forum, former Vice President Mike Pence said it was unbelievable … Read More

Smuggling loaded guns & shameless sex: Flight attendant shares industry’s darkest secrets

A flight attendant has detailed the some of darkest moments she’s witnessed throughout her career in the aviation industry, where members of staff are left to “fend for themselves”. Daily … Read More

China has stolen US military secrets to create formidable J-20 knockoff of America’s F-22 Raptor: experts

China achieved its fifth-generation fighter jet by copying U.S. military tech, and it could maintain its pacing challenge for the American military if more isn’t done to safeguard sensitive weapons … Read More

Prince Harry’s ‘self-delusion and arrogance’ blasted for spilling Royal Family secrets

Prince Harry has been blasted for his “self-delusion and arrogance” by political commentator and author Ben Shapiro, who shared his insight after reading Harry’s memoir Spare. He also claimed that … Read More

UK’s most underrated city has one of ‘Britain’s best kept secrets’ – ‘very interesting’

From London to Edinburgh, the UK has some incredible city break destinations. But if you’re looking to escape the crowds, the UK’s most underrated city might be just what you … Read More

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