Senator, former combat pilot says it’s not just Russian aggression that caused midair crash

The crash between a Russian fighter jet and a U.S. drone likely resulted from the pilot’s aggression and “incompetence,” according to former astronaut and Navy captain, Sen. Mark Kelly.  “Look … Read More

Top Dem senator calls for ‘consequences’ if China supplies Russia with weapons to fight Ukraine

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., warned China against sending lethal military aid to help Russia fight Ukraine, suggesting the U.S. could respond by imposing sanctions on the Chinese government. “China needs … Read More

Democratic state senator boasts support of drag queen event for minors which offered lube, condoms

A Democratic Pennsylvania State senator – Steve Santarsiero – sponsored a “queer prom” event which featured lube, condoms and a drag queen show for minors, Libs of TikTok reported.  When … Read More

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