Amid Florida measles outbreak, surgeon general lets parents decide whether to send unvaccinated kids to school

Amid measles outbreaks in various parts of the U.S., the Florida surgeon general has issued some guidance to parents regarding kids’ school attendance. In a letter issued to parents on … Read More

Colombia to send deep-water expedition to explore 300-year-old shipwreck thought to hold treasure

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombia’s government on Friday announced plans for a deep-water expedition to explore the mythical galleon San José, sunk in the 18th century in the country’s northern … Read More

Texas-bound ‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy to ‘shed light’ on migrant crisis, ‘send a message’ to leaders

Large groups of concerned Americans are traveling toward the southern border to demand action from the Biden administration to fix the “wide open” flood of illegal migrants. “Fellow citizens and … Read More

Alec Baldwin, PETA send letter demanding Radio City Music Hall stop using live animals in Christmas show

In partnership with the animal rights activist group PETA, actor Alec Baldwin sent a letter to the people in charge of Radio City Music Hall’s “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” show, … Read More

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