With an election looming and voters souring on support for Ukraine, Poland vows to stop sending weapons

Nineteen months ago, Poland’s prime minister was one of the first leaders to visit Kyiv in the early weeks of the Russian invasion, but on Thursday, the country announced it … Read More

US sending Ukraine uranium-based ammo ‘very bad news,’ according to Russian spokesman

The U.S. has announced it’s sending depleted uranium anti-tank rounds to Ukraine, following Britain’s lead in sending the controversial munitions to help Kyiv push through Russian lines in its grueling … Read More

RFK Jr. blasts Biden for sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, a year after Psaki said it could ‘be a war crime’

Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has called on President Biden to “stop the ceaseless escalation” between the United States and Russia after he gave his administration the green light … Read More

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