‘Shame on us’: Chinese protesters getting cold shoulder from White House, expert says

A White House spokesman’s tepid response to questions about support for Chinese citizens risking their lives to protest months of draconian coronavirus lockdowns is an American “shame,” a top U.S. … Read More

‘Pure drivel’ John Wayne’s furious rejection of Steven Spielberg hid his ‘secret shame’

JOHN WAYNE FURIOUSLY REJECTED an offer from Steven Spielberg, branding his film “drivel.” Yet many, including the Western star’s wife Pilar, believe his actions were rooted in a need to … Read More

‘Zero shame’: how the papers covered anger at Boris Johnson over Sue Gray report

Reaction to the 12-page update on alleged lockdown-busting gatherings, which identified ‘failures of leadership and judgement’, fills the front pages Sue Gray’s highly anticipated report into alleged lockdown-busting parties at … Read More

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