‘We don’t eat what you eat’ Ex-cruise workers share ‘three levels’ of dining onboard

CRUISE workers spend the majority of their working life onboard a ship. However, they don’t enjoy the same experience as guests. Ex-cruise workers have revealed a “terrible” secret about their … Read More

‘They never get in’: Cleaning enthusiasts share £1 talc hack for repelling ants from homes

CLEANING enthusiasts have shared a £1 talcum powder hack for repelling ants from homes. Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch claim the hack ensures the pests “never get in”. Daily … Read More

Russia replaces provocative head of its space agency, signs deal with NASA to share resources

The Kremlin says it has replaced the contentious head of its space agency, a man who had repeatedly threatened Russia would abandon the International Space Station if sanctions aren’t lifted.  … Read More

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