Statins: Three supplements known to heighten the risk of potentially deadly side effects

STATINS are the bedrock of cardiovascular disease prevention but rarely do their side effects go unnoticed. These vary massively in severity, with minor headaches and potentially life-threatening rhabdomyolysis standing at … Read More

Statins side effects: Regularly drinking alcohol increases ‘myopathy’ risk – warning signs

MILLIONS of people take statins to help manage cholesterol levels, but there are some potential side effects. Moreover, the NHS says regularly drinking large quantities of alcohol may increase your … Read More

Statin side effects: Risk of drug-induced eczema may be ‘significant’ among users – study

STATINS have significantly softened the burden of heart disease, slashing the risk of heart attack and stroke for thousands. But the drugs’ associations with muscle-related complications continue to be problematic. … Read More

Statins side effects: Drug can cause thrombocytopenia warns the NHS – signs on your body

STATINS provide a bulwark against heart disease by lowering harmful cholesterol levels. However, the cholesterol-lowering drug can cause side effects, including thrombocytopenia – what are the signs on your body? … Read More

Covid vaccine: Cardiac arrest is ‘suspected side effect’ – ‘immediate’ signs to spot

LIKE any medicine, the Covid vaccines also come with a list of possible side effects. While deemed “safe and effective” by trustworthy public health agencies, reports have been swirling that … Read More

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