Cancer: Peeing a certain number of times daily may signal early-stage cancer – ‘Be alert’

CANCER can heavily impact the body’s biological functions, including those involved in the reproductive system. Unfortunately, very few symptoms appear until the disease is advanced. But an increased frequency of … Read More

Cancer signs: Could cravings for certain foods signal the fatal disease? Experts weigh in

CANCER can produce many health oddities, but the ill-defined nature of symptoms sees many of them go unnoticed. One under-discussed sign of cancer involves alterations in taste functions. Whether this … Read More

B12 deficiency: Pain in one body part ‘at rest’ may signal ‘significantly’ low B12 levels

VITAMIN B12 conducts several biological processes involved in the maintenance of the nervous and neurological systems. When levels fall too low, complications are bound to arise. These may include pain … Read More

High cholesterol: Smell that? Two ‘worse’ smells that signal ‘higher’ cholesterol levels

HIGH cholesterol is insidious because it doesn’t usually present symptoms. However, studies provide evidence to the contrary. In one study, two “worse” smell dysfunctions were associated with “higher” cholesterol levels. … Read More

Paracetamol side effects: The sign when eating that could signal it’s time to ‘stop using’

FROM backaches to fever, paracetamol can target various problems. However, the popular painkiller might also cause some unwanted effects just like any other medicine. What’s worse, a health portal singles … Read More

High cholesterol: Swelling in three areas may signal your arteries have narrowed ‘by 60%’

HIGH cholesterol levels afflict a vast portion of the British population, putting their health in grave danger. The condition lacks symptoms, but as the arteries become progressively obstructed, swelling may … Read More

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