Electric car: 99 percent of electricians fear ‘significant risks’ when installing chargers

In a survey of 500 UK electricians, 99 percent of respondents understood there to be major risks associated with electrical vehicle charging work. It is estimated that only 28 percent … Read More

How to live longer: The amount of daily sleep that’s a ‘significant predictor’ of death

HOW WE sleep plays an important role in our everyday health and wellbeing. After a difficult night’s sleep, we immediately feel the effects, most notably tiredness and problems concentrating. However, … Read More

‘This is significant’: New study discovers why some people get long Covid – breakthrough

LONG Covid is undermining quality of life for broad swathes of Britons. Researchers have made a breakthrough in understanding what causes long Covid symptoms – what are the implications? Daily … Read More

Dementia: Decline in two bodily functions linked to a ‘significant’ risk of disease – JAMA

DEMENTIA continues to exert colossal pressure on health bodies across the world. To stem the tide of the disease, researchers are bringing risk factors into sharp focus. Their latest research … Read More

Heart attack: One character trait could be a ‘significant risk factor’ – study warning

HEART attacks are notoriously deadly events that present few warning signs before striking. The condition is often preceded by a lifestyle of unhealthy habits, like drinking, smoking and eating sedentary … Read More

Cancer warning: Study identifies surprising risk factor – it’s as significant ‘as smoking’

CANCER is a fast-growing disease that offers a small window of opportunity for curative treatment, but understanding the risk factors can allow for better prevention. According to a new meta-analysis, … Read More

Statin side effects: Risk of drug-induced eczema may be ‘significant’ among users – study

STATINS have significantly softened the burden of heart disease, slashing the risk of heart attack and stroke for thousands. But the drugs’ associations with muscle-related complications continue to be problematic. … Read More

‘Concerning’: Long Covid having a ‘significant’ impact on ability to remember – new study

LONG Covid symptoms are undermining quality of life for millions of Britons. In addition to respiratory problems, cognitive issues are being reported, a new study suggests. Daily Express :: Health … Read More

Long Covid: Dr Ranj on warning signs of ‘significant cognitive dysfunction’ – brain fog

LONG Covid is the one unwanted souvenir from battling a coronavirus infection, with an estimated 1.3 million Britons living with the long-term consequences. Dr Ranj Singh has detailed the “significant … Read More

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes report: significant number of children still at risk in Solihull

Report into children’s services warns of faulty police records and ‘over-optimistic’ case decisions A significant number of children remain in situations of “unknown and unassessed” risk, according to a report … Read More

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