Céline Dion diagnosed stiff-person syndrome, a “very rare neurological disorder” that prevents her from singing normally

Singer Céline Dion announced that she is rescheduling her spring 2023 shows and canceling eight of her concerts planned for next summer after being diagnosed with a “very rare neurological … Read More

The Beatles: Paul McCartney on first meeting ‘posh’ John Lennon singing Elvis Presley hit

The Beatles legends Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met 65 years in Liverpool. Macca didn’t The Quarrymen were very good but thought his future songwriting collaborator was “pretty cool” … Read More

Iranian teenager dies after security forces beat her for not singing pro-regime song: ‘Horrific’

An Iranian teenager has died after security forces beat her for refusing to sing a pro-regime song during a raid on her school.  “Horrific to think that a government would … Read More

Stunned mourners erupt into singing God Save the King outside Buckingham Palace – VIDEO

Crowds began assembling outside the Queen‘s official London residence since shortly after the Palace announced she was under “medical supervision” by her physicians. As the BBC broke the news of … Read More

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