‘Ghostly’ neutrinos spotted inside the world’s largest particle accelerator for the first time

For the very first time, physicists have created and detected high-energy “ghost particles” inside the world’s largest atom smasher. The findings could help unlock the secrets of how stars go … Read More

2 pairs of gigantic runaway black holes spotted on collision course, and they’re bringing four entire galaxies with them

Two pairs of gigantic black holes, each in a different dwarf galaxy, are speeding towards each other, and they’re set for two separate, never-before-seen collisions. Astronomers used NASA’s Chandra X-ray … Read More

Alec Baldwin spotted for first time since involuntary manslaughter charges in fatal ‘Rust’ shooting

Alec Baldwin is seen for the first time since being charged in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. He was spotted heading into a midtown Manhattan office building. The 64-year-old … Read More

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