TIME op-ed mocked for suggesting GOP used the ‘Soviet skill’ of ‘disappearing someone’ on Liz Cheney

TIME Washington Correspondent Philip Elliott compared the Republican Party to the Soviets Wednesday, saying the GOP “disappeared” Liz Cheney, to the mockery of Twitter users. “It’s not just the Soviets … Read More

Bishop Robert Baron schools The Atlantic for suggesting the rosary is ‘an extremist symbol’

Bishop Robert Barron slammed a recent article in The Atlantic as “offensive” Wednesday, warning that America’s new woke religion is resurrecting anti-Catholic bigotry. Bishop Barron, a Catholic theologian and author, … Read More

Polio virus found in New York City wastewater, suggesting local transmission

Health officials identified the virus that causes polio in New York City’s wastewater, suggesting local transmission of the virus, state authorities said on Friday. They urged unvaccinated New Yorkers to get vaccinated. CBC … Read More

Polio detected in New York City’s wastewater, suggesting virus is circulating: “Alarming, but not surprising”

The virus that causes polio has been detected in New York City’s wastewater weeks after a case of polio was identified in Rockland County, north of the city, health officials announced Friday. … Read More

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