‘This is absolute hell’ 10-year-old boy left screaming due to ‘suicide disease’ – symptoms

AFTER being diagnosed with a condition that has been dubbed the “suicide disease”, 10-year-old Dillon Wilford begged his mother to have his leg amputated. Now his mother is desperately trying … Read More

Cancer symptoms: Three major cancers could cause twitching in the body – key warning signs

CHARACTERISING cancer has been hugely useful for the improvement of survival rates, but the non-specific nature of symptoms still delays referrals. Some of the lesser-known signs of the disease may … Read More

Parkinson’s disease symptoms: Skin condition ‘commonly found in people with the condition’

PARKINSON’S is a neurodegenerative disease where part of the brain becomes damaged over several years. Thousands of people in the UK live with the condition. However, like other neurodegenerative conditions, … Read More

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