North Korea denies supplying Russia weapons, warns US crossing ‘red line’ by sending battle tanks to Ukraine

North Korea has denied the U.S.’ claims that the country is providing Russia with weapons in its ongoing war with Ukraine.  In a statement to the Korean Central News Agency, … Read More

Russian TV hosts mock ‘toothless’ Germany and ‘battered’ US tanks as Ukraine war escalates

Russian TV presenters were quick to dismiss German and American tanks’ threats on the battlefield by exposing what military experts called “vulnerabilities” of the military vehicles. One Russian state TV … Read More

Russia-Ukraine war live: US and Germany expected to send tanks as Moscow warns of ‘blatant provocation’

Germany’s decision is expected to be made official on Wednesday as US appears poised to start process of sending dozens of M1 Abrams tanks Russia-Ukraine war at a glance Maksym … Read More

Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy expecting ‘strong decisions’ as Kyiv’s allies meet to decide on supply of tanks

Nato defence leaders among those meeting in Germany to decide whether tanks will be supplied to Ukraine Russia-Ukraine war at a glance Maksym Kozytskyi, governor of Lviv in western Ukraine, … Read More

Russia-Ukraine war live: UK to send tanks and artillery to Ukraine; explosions reported across Kyiv

Residential buildings and infrastructure hit in Ukrainian capital; UK says it will send Challenger 2 tanks and more artillery support The governor of the central Cherkasy region warned Ukrainians that … Read More

Ukraine’s foreign minister slams Germany’s decision not to send tanks as Kyiv pushes to oust Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba hit back at Germany in a fiery message on Twitter Tuesday after Berlin refused to provide Kyiv with military vehicles earlier in the week. “Disappointing … Read More

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