Flight descends into chaos when ‘possessed’ woman begins screaming, jumping over seats: ‘There’s a real devil’

A Frontier Airlines flight turned chaotic when a woman began screaming and yelling while in the air, causing one passenger to begin preaching in the aisle. The incident happened aboard … Read More

There’s far too much fuss about ageing… it’s no reason to fall apart says Joan Collins, 90

EXCLUSIVE: Having glided effortlessly into her tenth decade, Joan Collins is as impossibly glamorous as ever. As she publishes her 19th book, the Hollywood veteran talks about late-life adventures, enjoying … Read More

‘Minimal effort’ vegetable to plant by end of September – but there’s three ‘not to plant’

Planting a selection of vegetables in September will reward gardeners with a bountiful harvest come springtime. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, one gardener has shared the “best” one to plant now. … Read More

Four household items to remove ‘stubborn’ shower screen limescale – but there’s 3 to avoid

Homeowners are being told they’ve been cleaning their showers all wrong with common products causing more harm than good. Glass cleaning experts have shared which cleaning solutions should be used … Read More

From iconic ‘The Beatles’ album there’s just three left after Michael Parkinson’s death

Fifty years ago an imaginary band of celebrity convicts would be turned into one of rock’n’roll’s most memorable album covers. But while only three now remain alive, the photographer Clive … Read More

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