LAURA INGRAHAM: Liberals don’t care about crime unless it’s committed by those they don’t like

FOX News’ Laura Ingraham argues crime should be treated as crime regardless of the race of the criminals or their victims Monday on “The Ingraham Angle.” LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, imagine … Read More

Beer industry expert: Bud Light’s decline looks ‘quasi-permanent,’ ‘those consumers are just lost forever’

Damage to Bud Light appears “quasi-permanent” and longtime consumers could be “lost forever” after the brand failed to rebound from ongoing backlash as initially expected in recent weeks, according to … Read More

Bill Maher knocks Colbert, other late-night hosts for pandering to liberal fans: ‘Those guys don’t have takes’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher took a swipe at Stephen Colbert and his other late-night colleagues for their constant pandering to liberal audiences, insisting they don’t actually have their own … Read More

I learned my work ethic delivering newspapers. This Labor Day, we should honor those who work hard every day

A news story out of Australia went viral last week, focused on a mother who will not let her 15-year-old son have a part-time job because she thinks that childhood … Read More

Climate protesters ridiculed as tribal police plow through Burning Man demonstration: ‘Bless those Rangers’

Climate protesters in Nevada were arrested for blocking traffic on a busy road which led to tribal police taking matters into their own hands, plowing the barricade set up by … Read More

Concord High School pulling ‘Minutemen’ mascot blasted as ‘insult’ to those who ‘sacrificed to defeat tyranny’

A California Bay Area district board is being slammed over its costly decision to strip Concord High School of its long-standing mascot the “Minutemen.”  Concord, a town roughly 30 miles … Read More

Independence Day is ‘controversial’ and ‘not okay’ to celebrate, according to those profiled by New York Times

While fireworks and parades are just some of the festivities taking place throughout Independence Day, the New York Times chose to spotlight Americans struggling to find reasons to celebrate. Ahead … Read More

On this day in history, June 13, 1966, Supreme Court decision creates Miranda rights for those under arrest

Most Americans are familiar, at least in passing, with the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent.”  And on this day in history, June 13, 1966, this right was … Read More

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